Eye Consultants of Silicon Valley In San Jose, Ca

Why Choose ECSV?

Eye Consultants of Silicon Valley is a top-rated, renowned eye care center in the U.S. Since our inception, our eye doctors and surgeons helped thousands of people improve their vision. We are dedicated to providing top-notch eye care treatment in the San Jose, CA area.

Our in-house surgeons and ophthalmologists at Eye Consultants of Silicon Valley are well-trained and together have decades of experience treating eye diseases and correcting visual deficiencies. ECSV surgeons have performed numerous laser and surgical procedures to treat conditions such as Glaucoma, Retinal Vein Occlusion, and Cataracts. Our eye doctors are board-certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and have participated in U.S. and global ophthalmology conferences. Our combination of thorough training, experience, and eye care innovation make us the perfect choice for your eye care.

Eye Consultants of Silicon Valley is recognized as a center of excellence by major pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. Our surgeons are continuously sought out by manufacturers to conduct clinical trials on new medications and technologies. Our team pushes itself to provide the best treatment for eye diseases possible.

All in One Place

Eye Consultants of Silicon Valley can be your one stop for all your eye care needs. Whether you need routine eye examinations, an update for your eye glass prescription or eye surgery, ECSV is here to care for your eyes. We have the expertise to treat a wide variety of eye conditions and diseases, ranging from conjunctivitis to macular degeneration. Our surgery team performs both traditional surgery and laser eye surgeries to treat all of your ocular needs.

At ECSV, we offer you the convenience of finding all of your eye care needs in one place. When you need any type of eye problem treatment in San Jose or Silicon Valley, ECSV is here for you. You can get treatment for eye issues in our convenient San Jose office. ECSV is one of the very few offices in the Silicon Valley area that performs both cataract and retina procedures.

We understand that experiencing changes in the quality of your vision can be scary. Most people rely on their sight heavily and would be lost without it. Our compassionate professionals at ECSV have the skills and experience to treat your eyes to help you re-establish and maintain good vision. If you are looking for an ophthalmologist near you, ECSV is a great choice.

Our culture

As a premier eye doctor in San Jose, the ECSV team is committed to providing the best eye care possible. We pride ourselves on putting our patients first and will strive to make you feel like you are our top priority throughout the entire treatment process. If you are experiencing eye issues or have a vision condition you need treating, please contact us today.

For more information about our Ophthalmology services, eye exams, or eye surgery services please give us a call at 408-295-3433.